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Latest blog

13th February 2018 at 9:37pm 0

Why assisted dying law reform has taken so long

A DyingForChoice.com article in LivingNow explains why assisted dying law reform has taken so long, and why it will accelerate from here.

Latest F file

18th November 2017 at 11:27pm 0

Jones Paton and Kheriaty "suicide contagion" playbook exposed

A detailed and comprehensive analysis of Jones & Paton's 2015 "suicide contagion" paper finds a very poor understanding of the subject and numerous instances of substantial bias. The paper should be retracted.

Latest facts

12th February 2018 at 11:03pm 0

Submission to the Western Australia Parliament VAD inquiry

The DyingForChoice.com submission to the WA Parliamentary inquiry into VAD includes recent updates to research data.