About us

DyingForChoice.com is dedicated to responsible assisted dying law reform. We provide up-to-date and evidence-backed information for the general public, policy makers, healthcare workers, researchers, media and others.

A key initiative of DyingForChoice.com is to make the facts, figures and arguments clear in order to counter and correct misunderstanding, misinformation and fear-mongering from opponents of assisted dying law reform. Whether mistaken information is flapdoodle, flip-flop, fudge or fiction, it’s imperative to ban the bull. We believe that political fear-mongering in the face of evidence to the contrary is unjustified and deserves to be exposed for what it is.

DyingForChoice.com is led by Neil Francis. Neil is a past President of the World Federation of Right To Die Societies, past and Foundation Chairman and CEO of YourLastRight.com — the national alliance of Australian State and Territory assisted dying societies — and past President and CEO of Dying With Dignity Victoria.

He has made numerous appearances on TV including Channel 10’s The Circle, ABC News 24 and commercial national news services, and radio including ABC 774, Radio National and others.

He has been featured in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, OnlineOpinion, the Medical Observer and the Health Advocate, the Australian Christian Lobby’s Viewpoint magazine, Australian Ageing Agenda and other publications, and was a key participant in Australia 21’s 2013 consultation on the right to choose an assisted death.

Neil has delivered public addresses at the Parliament Houses of Canberra, NSW, Victoria, and Tasmania and at the Hawke Centre for Public Policy in Adelaide. He has given countless public and private addresses in all States and Territories of Australia except the Northern Territory, and has delivered papers at international conferences.

He maintains arguably the world's largest special-purpose database of peer-reviewed professional journal papers traversing all aspects of assisted dying.




        Mr Neil Francis