The Journal of Assisted Dying is pleased to announce a new scholarly journal, the Journal of Assisted Dying, as a new centre of accurate research and analysis of all aspects of lawful assisted dying and related policy, concepts, practice and experience.

The Journal of Assisted Dying is a scholarly journal dedicated to careful, thoughtful and accurate research, analysis and reporting of information about lawful active assisted dying and related matters such as withholding and withdrawal of medical treatment, continuous deep sedation, doctrine of double effect and advance care planning.

The journal provides:

  1. A nimble yet scholarly, robust, accurate and dependable source of information about assisted dying and related matters.
  2. Free open access to full articles—unlike most scholarly journals. Ready and rapid access to critical information is available not only to academic institutions, but to other researchers, health care practitioners and professional bodies, policy makers, legislators, media and others.
  3. Periodic and respectful analysis of who's who in the assisted dying space and who is saying what, as well as what is being said.

The first edition of the Journal of Assisted Dying is now available.

For inquiries about the journal, please use our Contact form.

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