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Neil Francis announces the official launch of DyingForChoice.com, the world's premier source of reliable, evidence-based information about assisted dying, and responsible law reform to permit it in restricted circumstances.

Hi, and thanks for dropping by.

I'm delighted to announce the official launch of DyingForChoice.com. The mission is to help society work towards responsible assisted dying law reform, a reform wanted by the great majority of citizens in many countries. Yet assisted dying (in one form or another) is still illegal in many jurisdictions.

DyingForChoice.com will lay out the case for restricted assisted dying including world-view arguments, but also importantly provide rigorous factual evidence and analysis. This approach is a deliberate counter-measure to mistaken information — 'misinformation', more colloquially known as 'bull' — that is available so widely and repeated so often.

Misinformation can take the form of flapdoodle, filibuster, flip-flop, fudge or outright fiction. Ultimately it's fear-mongering via the promotion of bull. Legislative reform — so that all citizens are afforded the right to enact their own deeply-held world views and cherished values at the end of life, whatever those may be — deserves to be informed by quality information.

Exposing misinformation works. Already, my exposure of the 'suicide contagion' myth has resulted in selected website 'information' being withdrawn. It's up to all of us to hold a bright spotlight up to misinformation and to ask people not to spread bull.

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Neil Francis

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