Blogs for March 2022

Posted on Tuesday 22nd March 2022 at 6:52pm

Despite shrill claims that the Netherlands' 2006 protocol would result in the convenient extermination of 'problematic' neonates, its use remains extremely rare, the latest annual report reveals.

Back in 2016 I authored a very detailed, evidence-based analysis of the 2006 Dutch Groningen Protocol, which stipulates detailed steps to be taken in respect of late-term abortions and euthanasia for neonates suffering in extremis from abnormalities that contra-indicate their short-term survival. In it, I revealed a major viral distribution of misinformation about the supposed euthanasia of 650 babies a year in the Netherlands, rapidly spread by religious anti-VAD lobbyists. The table describing the trail of religious viral "infection" spans multiple pages.

Ideological opposition to the Groningen Protocol remains, and even gets "scholarly" attention. For example, in 2020, a lengthy anti-Groningen narrative (35 pages) by Bogna Wach was published in Analiza i Egzystenja, a journal of the Polish University of Szczecin.1 In it, the author uses moderate-sounding scholarly language to paint a dark picture of the Protocol.



Posted on Friday 18th March 2022 at 1:00am

The Anglican archbishop of Sydney has revealed profound ignorance by revealing he hasn't a CLUE what his own flock think about voluntary assisted dying law reform.

I've written previously about bishops demonstrating their ignorance, as in the example of Catholic Bishop Tim Harris who presumed most or all of his flock opposes voluntary assisted dying (VAD), when in fact a significant majority support it. This time it's the Anglican Sydney diocese archbishop who's loudly flaunting his biases.

Sydney Anglican archbishop Kanishka Raffel (pictured on the diocese website above), has launched a program calling on NSW parliamentarians to reject a bill that, with a large number of safeguards, seeks to make VAD lawful in the state. NSW is the last state in the nation that still outlaws the practice.

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